Unisex Postoperative Belt Ostomy Elastic Breathable Abdominal Binder Brace Waist Support Wear on The Abdominal Stoma Waist Belt Surgery Fits U-Shaped Hole Care

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Trast Bages

  • 💪The bandage is selected depending on the circumference of the patient's waist and should cover the postoperative suture on all sides at least 1 cm. Put on in the morning without getting out of bed and wearing during the day.
  • ⚙️ The medical device fixes the front and sides of abdominal wall, protects abdominal wall from overvoltage. Reduces the risk of pain, burning or itching associated with irritation around the stoma or intestinal peristalsis. Device prevents the formation of hernia at abdominal wall and at the stoma area.
  • ✅ It creates optimal conditions for intestinal contents or urine removal. Rehabilitation of patients with stoma in the postoperative period when drainage devices are used.
  • ⚡ HOW TO USE: Directly put on the body or underwear, without much tension. Do not place the hole in the projection of the stoma! (This creates the prerequisites for the formation of parastomal hernia and prolapse like eversion, bowel fall through the stoma).
  • 💬 Apply as recommended by your doctor.