Thigh Hamstring Neoprene Slim Brace Kit Fat Burn Sauna Wrap Black Yellow Medium

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  • WARMING EFFECT, FAT BURNING, WEIGHT LOSS: Aiming to make your body shape perfect. Keeps your thigh area warm and heated up, creates “sauna effect” making you sweat more while working out or performing your daily activities. Water loss promotes weight loss and loss of inches/centimeters of fat, helps to burn cellulite from your hips. Build-up bandage suitable for most body types both man and women.
  • COMFORT: Stretchable, dense, latex-free, lightweight neoprene fits snugly, firm and steady does not bunch or slip. Set contains 2 pieces: right and left, double velcro fasteners allow you to adjust it to your shape. Well-sewn, skin-friendly, odourless & non-toxic. Remains dry due to moisture repellent properties. About 8½-8¾" (21,5-22 cm) wide (depends on size), covers big part of your thigh. 2 sizes: regular: up to 28¾" (58 cm) and large 31½"(80 cm) in thigh circumference.
  • MEDICAL USE: Creates Compression, accelerates excretion of toxins and excess liquids from the subcutaneous tissue, better circulation aids in lactic acid uptake and tissue recovery. Enhancing the processes of heat exchange in the deep layers of muscles and skin. Well-used as a support for muscles during intensive trainings. Therapeutic heat helps to treat arthritis, muscle pain, lumbar herniation, dislocation, radiculitis and soothe rheumatic pain away.
  • SPORT/DAILY USE: Perfect for exercising, physical activities or just normal daily routines (housework even). Belt helps to warm up muscles and to retain and accumulate heat, which promotes a faster splitting of subcutaneous fat. Undoubtedly, the effect maximizes when practicing sports - running, cycling, working out in gym etc.. Better wear directly against the skin for optimal effect. 30° hand wash only.
  • HIGH QUALITY: The manufacturer has 15 years of experience in designing and production of orthopedic appliances. Using high standards and high quality materials ensures long life of products, the exact correspondence to theirs functions and it's effectiveness.