Shoulder Brace Joint Stabilizer, Compression Support Torn Rotator Brace, Adjustable Wrap Men and Women, Breathable Neoprene, Shoulder Pain Support AC Joint RIGHT Large, by REMEDICA

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  • The medical device is used for treatment and rehabilitation after surgery, as well as for preventing inflammation and shoulder injuries, to relieve pain in inflammation of joints and arthrosis. Has heat retaining properties in the surrounding tissues.
  • Shortens the recovery process after surgery and various degrees of injury in the shoulder area. Used as prophylaxis for injury or overload.
  • Provides good stability thanks to the Velcro fastening on the shoulders and chest.
  • Wear directly on the body or clothing. Use as directed by your doctor. Do not use after the expiration date. Composition: 90% neoprene, 10% rubber.
  • Storage conditions: Store at room temperature, protecting from direct sunlight and moisture. Contraindications: local skin diseases.