Shin Splint Compression Adjustable Calf Compression Sleeve- Sports, Cycling, Pain Relief Sprains- Neoprene Calf Support Medium to 35 cm by REMEDICA

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  • Headband made of high quality neoprene. Fastening system facilitates putting on and regulating pressure on the shin muscles. The product is universal for the right and left calves.
  • Size is selected based on the widest part of the calf. Used to compress the calf muscle, prevent swelling, have a warming effect, and protect against shin injuries.
  • Improves blood supply, stimulates metabolic processes in tissues, skin, subcutaneous fat, muscles (by maintaining heat in superficial tissues). Recommended when playing sports
  • Wear directly on the body or underwear. Use as directed by your doctor. Material composition: 100% neoprene.
  • Storage conditions: Store at room temperature, protecting from direct sunlight and moisture. Contraindications: Local skin diseases. Individual intolerance / allergy to the materials used to make the product. Apply the product within 30 minutes after applying local warming ointments.