Semirigid Neck Collar, Adjustable Soft 100% Cotton Liner ,Breathable Sponge Cervical Collar Neck Support Brace for Men and Women, Neck Pain Relief Brace and Spine Pressure

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  • EFFECTIVE: Problems of the cervical spine can cause many inconvenient feelings, such as a constant neck pain, headaches, vertigos, muscle spasms or back pain. Our brace is made to treat most of the cervical spine diseases by immobilizing and protecting it from overloading, reducing the pressure on muscles and ligaments, by this improving blood circulation in tissues. Provides an effective pain relief and accelerate tissue recovery and healing processes generally.
  • ERGONOMIC AND COMFORTABLE: Keeps your head in a comfortable aligned (straight) position, restricting head movement and stabilizing injured area. Brace ergonomic design will not create any discomfort. Breathable, moisture absorbing, 100% cotton filled with a soft, lightweight foam offers great support to the injured tissue and keeps your neck stable and warm. Due to adjustable velcro strap it is easy to put it on and fix it yourself.
  • MEDICAL USE: Indicated for the rehabilitation period after injuries, surgeries or strains of the cervical spine. Made to treat muscular torticollis, cervical osteochondrosis, myositis, radiculopathy, whiplash injuries, neurological pain, damages to the muscles and ligaments of the cervical spine, increased mobility of the cervical vertebrae and low neck muscles tonus. Also used to help restoring the vertebral artery blood supply (as a post-stroke disorder).
  • DAILY USE: Can be used to prevent cervical spine diseases because of the chronic neck muscle tension, caused by dest work or long term trips, also as a support for the weak neck muscles. Collar is cosy inside to wear against a bare skin and comfortable enough to sleep in. Before use see the doctor. Washable, 30° hand wash only.To pick up the correct size, keep head in neutral position, measuring from tip of mandible to sternal bone (notch).
  • HIGH QUALITY: The manufacturer has 15 years of experience in designing and production of orthopedic appliances. Using high standards and high quality materials ensures long life of products, the exact correspondence to theirs functions and their effectiveness.

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