Posture Corrector Shoulder Support Back Brace Fully Adjustable Medical Device Providing Pain Relief for Neck, Breathable Fabric Lumbar Support Brace, TYP 656 Original, (X-Small /Waist 78-85 cm, Black)

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  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL TRANSFORMER 2 in 1: Due to removable pad bandage-transformer can be used as a posture corrector or as a lumbosacral spine support brace, depending on what you need in that very moment. Either you slouch and hunch and desperate to keeps your back upright naturally or you are up to something back-unfriendly and really need to support your lumbar and tone your lower back muscles. So you can easy vary it according to your needs.
  • COMFORT: Stretchable and breathable, lightweight, fits snugly, firm and steady does not bunch or slip. Velcro fasteners allow to adjust it to your shape, do not cut into armpits due to comfort arm pads. 4 modifiable stabilizers keep thoracic and lumbar spine in the natural position. Wide straps gently distribute pressure on the shoulders. Additional double-pull elastic straps provide the necessary level of lumbar fixation and compression. Well-sewn, skin-friendly, odourless, non-toxic. 5 sizes
  • MEDICAL USE: prescribed against kyphosis, lordosis, kyphoscoliosis, winged scapula; as a prevention against spinal curvature progression. Helps to reduce scoliosis, spinal decompensation. Well-used for the rehabilitation period after injuries and surgery of the thoracic, lumbar spine and clavicle. Back and neck pain relief.
  • DAILY USE: Semi-rigid spinal fixation, individual posture correction throughout the day. Recommended to wear for 1-1.5 months 3-4 hours daily, starting from 15-25 minutes on the first day, adding 20 min. every day, gradually tightening straps and thus softly pulling shoulders backwards. When used as posture corrector, 2 stabilizers must be removed from the brace, since the removable pad has its own stabilizers. 30° hand wash only, remove stabilizers while washing. Suitable kids/adults/men/women
  • HIGH QUALITY: The manufacturer has 15 years of experience in designing and production of orthopedic appliances. Using high standards and high quality materials ensures long life of products, the exact correspondence to theirs functions and their effectiveness.

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