Patellar Tendon Band Strap, Knee Strap, Brace Relief for Jumper’s Knee, PFPS (Runner’s Knee), ITBS, Chondromalacia, Patellar Tracking Support for Running, Tendonitis, Arthritis By REMEDICA

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  • The knee support has been designed to avoid the onset of the runner / jumper's knee for those who practice sports such as: basketball, tennis, squash, volleyball, badminton, crossfit.
  • The pressure generated by the band avoids the onset of knee pain while jogging, running or cycling.
  • Reduces tendonitis - helps prevent injuries, ideal for running, cycling, soccer, rugby, tennis, basketball, CrossFit and gym. It does not limit movement.
  • Protect the knee from exertion-the fully adjustable velcro design allows the tailor-made wearer the level of compression to the tendons where pressure points are required to achieve perfect support / comfort balance on the knee and remain stationary in place at the inside and outside.
  • You can use both the left and right knee. Velcro can be adjusted freely according to individual needs, suitable for 45 cm circumference.