Arm Shoulder Sling, Breathable Mesh, Lightweight, Stabilise the arm, Shoulder and Wrist After Injuries or for a Broken arm, Black- Blue X-Small by REMEDICA

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  • GREAT SUPPORT: In any unfortunate condition when you may need to rest your arm our arm sling may serve you well. It will support your limb, spreading arm weight evenly, reducing pressure and load on shoulder, elbow, wrist and forearm. It will provide moderate fixation and contribute to faster recovery by avoiding any possible discomfort and relieving pain. Easy to put on yourself and very light so you’ll hardly notice it wearing the whole day long.
  • COMFORT: Reversible left and right orientation. Front-facing length adjuster with clip lock (makes it easy to fit with one hand), special carbine allows to regulate length of a strap. Does not cut into skin around the neck due to moveable padded neck piece, has a thumb loop that supports hand and arm in good alignment and helps to keep the sling in place. Multiple sizes available for the best fit (check image with sizing chart). To choose the right size - measure distance from elbow to wrist.
  • MEDICAL USE: Well-suitable for rehabilitation period after plaster cast removal. Designed to treat fractures (Humeral & Clavicular), twists, shoulder dislocation, subluxation, sprains, bruises, damage of ligaments, shoulder/acromioclavicular/elbow joints or wrist. Also used for scapula fixation and limb immobilization during recovery after injuries and/or surgeries of shoulder, forearm and wrist.
  • DAILY USE: Soft-stretch durable material, odorless, skin-friendly. 30° hand wash only. Air-dry only. Don't iron, keep away from heat. You can wear it directly against the skin as well as above garments.
  • HIGH QUALITY: The manufacturer has 20 years of experience in designing and production of orthopedic appliances. Using high standards and high quality materials ensures long life of products, the exact correspondence to theirs functions and their effectiveness.

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