Our products are a "bridge" that helps to achieve positive results in the prevention and treatment of the human musculoskeletal system and helps to recover after medical surgical interventions. We listen to all customer feedback and take it into account in the manufacturing of our products. We strive to make life more comfortable for people! We hope that the products we manufacture are of great benefit to our customers. And this is very important to us! The principles that we use, allow the company to go and develop in step with the times. The leading manufacturer of orthopedic products in Ukraine, whose products are currently represented throughout Ukraine, as well as in the CIS countries, Europe, Asia and the USA. The company was founded in 2000 and to date Toros Group is a leader in the manufacture of medical products in Ukraine. This is confirmed by numerous honorary awards and titles of the company: 2009г. - Received the title "Branch Leader 2009" 2010. - awarded with title of honor "Leader of Ukrainian Economy" 2016r. - gold medal of national competition "Vibor Ukraine-2016" 2018r. - title "Industry Leader 2018". 2019р. - national business award "Industry Leader 2019" and the title of "Enterprise of the Year 2019" To meet high standards, status and maintain a decent image company "Toros Group" strictly adheres to its own philosophy of success, based on continuous improvement of technology, a successful 20 years of business experience, the experience of our partners and a wide network of customers around the world. The company's core production principles that keep it on the crest of success and development: Constant feedback from customers and identifying their immediate needs Adherence to global trends and innovations Loyalty to market changes and customer preferences Introduction of modern technologies into production Education and staff development Compliance of the production with international quality standards Sincere desire to help people maintain the dynamics of their lives