Doctors prescribe a maternity belt for many women during pregnancy. This belt gently supports the abdomen and helps the baby to take the correct position for childbirth. Relieves round ligament pain, and increases the activity period that is important for a pregnant woman. This belt lightly cradles your tummy, soothing pressure on your pelvis and back. A maternity pregnancy waistband belt keeps the abdomen from falling too low, which means it prevents excessive stretching of muscles and the skin. 

If used in the postpartum period, the maternity support belt helps to normalize the position of internal organs and accelerates the process of returning the normal tone of the skin and abdominal muscles, shortening the period of postpartum recovery.

Best Maternity Support Belt

The second and third trimester is a wonderful and exciting time. The abdomen is already big enough, and it gets heavier every day, which brings tension, aching pain, fatigue in the lower back and lower abdomen. A maternity support belt significantly reduces discomfort and has many other benefits. 

Here, the pros of our best maternity belts to help you feel some relief:

  • Supports the abdominal area and ease the pain of the pregnancy period;
  • It is made from delicate and lightweight materials;
  • It is breathable. The skin under the belt breathes and does not sweat;
  • It supporting abdominal muscles and correcting your posture;
  • This is the best maternity belt for running, yoga classes, attending courses for expectant mothers, and completing your daily activities.
  • With this belt you can distribute the baby's weight more smoothly and reduce bladder pressure;
  • Wearing during pregnancy helps to restore the shape of the abdomen after childbirth;
  • You can buy a maternity belt that comes in one comfortable and fully adjustable size. It is designed suitable for everyday wear and day-to-day activities.

The maternity belt is a device that allows you to support your abdominal area during the second and third trimesters. This accessory relieves tension in the lower back and helps maintain posture, thereby improving muscle tone and blood circulation. Enjoy your motherhood journey and don't limit yourself with pregnancy worries and pains.

When should I wear a maternity belt?

Doctors advise starting to wear a maternity belt from the second trimester. With its help, the load on all organs and the skeleton will be distributed equally. It will also distribute the baby's weight more smoothly and reduce bladder pressure, so you will not worry about pregnancy pain and discomfort.

What does a maternity belt help with?

The belt helps to cope with lower back pain. This is his main task. In addition, thanks to the bandage, you can avoid unsightly stretch marks. Also, blood circulation in the dorsal region improves, the pressure on the bladder decreases. The belt has many advantages.

Are maternity support belts safe for babies?

When having a child, a woman needs to pay special attention to her health; therefore, wearing a maternity belt, a pregnant woman only eases pregnancy and does not harm the baby's health in any way.

How long should I wear a maternity belt after delivery?

Only a doctor can give correct recommendations about how long after delivery the belt should be worn. On average, the period of wearing a maternity belt after childbirth is 3 weeks - 6 months.

Can you wear a maternity belt all day?

If the doctor does not prescribe other recommendations, it is common to start wearing the belt from the 20th week of pregnancy and the wearing time should not exceed 10 hours a day.

How do you wear a maternity belly belt?

It is recommended to put on the belt for the first time while lying down so that the narrower part of the maternity belt passes below the abdomen, and its wider part is on the lower back. This will help keep your back in the correct position.

Can I wear a postpartum belt after 2 months?

Doctors have no unequivocal opinion as to whether it is necessary to wear a postpartum belt 2 months after giving birth. Every woman's health is unique, so always check with your doctor to see if you need a postpartum belt or not.

Is it too late to wear a postpartum belt?

If you feel any discomfort or back pain after childbirth, you should see your doctor. You may still need to wear a postpartum belt.

How long till the belly goes down after birth?

It is generally accepted that in primiparous, the belly goes down after about two weeks. If this is the second and subsequent childbirth, then abdominal prolapse begins two to three days earlier.

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